League Rules


-ALL NPG Rocket League tournaments will be hosted on PS4 and Xbox One. A PSN with Playstation Plus is required to enter tournaments and League Grand Finals on PS4. Xbox Live is not required to play at our events.


-NPG Rocket League tournaments will be held as a series of offline tournaments(weekly).


Players must form a team of 2, to enter the tournament. Players will have a minute to customize their car before going into a game.


teams will play a best of 3 games to determine a winner against an opponent. All teams will have the chance to lose twice before being knocked out of the tournament(this is known as a double elimination bracket)


Players that do not have a team can enter as a solo player. Solo players will be placed into a team (emulating online matchmaking)


League Play - (more info coming soon)

Teams must have the required number of Members + at least one sub for their team composition. (Standard must have 3 team members + 1 sub, Duo must have 2 team members + 1 sub) Changing team members that are not on your team roster on sign up is illegal and may result in a disqualification.

Los Angeles, California

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