Operation Thunderstorm Season 2: Tournament Rules and Venue Guidelines

Tournament Date:



5v5 Team Entry:

2v2SnD Team Entry:

Spectator Pass:

Parking Pass:

Draft Pass:


October, 5th 2019

COD: BO4 will be a LAN, PS4 console tournament.

Please  bring your own copy of COD BO4.

*a few copies of COD:BO4 discs can be lent for $10 plus a

valid ID or Drivers Licence.

*For those willing to lend your PS4 to the event, we can arrange a discount per console lent. please let us know on twitter or by email before the event. The discount will only be given if WE use your console for all players(not just your own personal use)

Tournament is Capped at 24 entrance, unless  otherwise




Spectators, not participating in the tournament can pay $5 at the door or below in ticket sales.


Players can enter a draft for either 2v2SnD(when applicable or 5v5. Players entering draft will be paired with other draft players automatically for bracket. Because players in draft may be at a disadvantage, having never practiced with their team, their entry fee's will be discounted. Those who do not make it draft because of an odd amount of participants will get their payment back.

Game Timers:

 -Takedown Timer: A strict 10 minute timer will be enforced at    the end of a full game. When a game is over, both teams must have their equipment cleared from the tournament station in this time limit.

-Set up Timer: Teams will also have 15 minutes to fully set up their station. if a  team is not fully set up in 15 minutes from the time that the TO has called the match, the team that is not prepared will be forced to start the match or be DQ'd. in the event that both teams are not prepared and no other match can be ran, both teams must start the match or be DQ'd.

Team Roster:

Teams must submit their team roster at the door during registration. At this time, teams may submit 2 substitute teammates. No roster changes can be made after this roster has been locked in without authorization from staff.


Subbing players from another team(that is also entered into the LAN) is allowed. However in the case that both teams with the same members play each other, the substitute player must play on their original team(signed on roster) during this match.

In the case that a team is un-able to play their match with a full roster: that team may choose to play the match without their full roster or forfeit the match.

Payement Returns

Players and Teams may return their team passes a full 48 hours before the event date. Afterwards the Team passes may not be refunded without special exception decided by the Tournament Organizers


As a player you should bring the following Items: 

Controller, Game Disc, Mix Amp, Headset(For Chat and Audio)

a PS4 with Game download is optional for players that do not own a disc. A $20 discount can be given to players who allow SoCal esports to use their console for the event.

Age Restrictions

Players 13 and over are allowed to compete in SoCal esports events. Participants under the age of 13 must be accompanied to the event by a Parent or Guardian

Doors Open at 9am

Tournament starts at 11am

$200(pre-reg) $230 at Door

N/A for this event




5v5 will follow the CWL rule set: READ HERE!

Pre-Register below to avoid the door fee.

-All electronic payments subject to an electronic fee.

ULT: 15241 Transistor Ln, Huntington Beach, CA 92649


Los Angeles, California

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