The last bastion of the classic FGC scene! To much? okay yeah..

Dropkick events serves the Fighting Game Community with weekly and monthly events! Our weekly Dropkick Mondays are friendly environments where players of all skill levels are welcome to practice and learn. Our unique monthly events cater to the highest level competition while offering unique tournament formats

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Dropkick Fight Club

A few Things to Know

Every Friday at the Lakewood Mall we will host "Dropkick Fight Club" This event will have a rotating line up of games every week. 

Sept 20: USF4, SFVAE, Tekken 7

Sept 27: MVC3, SFVAE, Tekken 7

Oct 4 SFV, Tekken 7, BB Tag

Oct 11: SFV, SamSho, Soul Calibur

Oct 18: all games by vote by community

Los Angeles, California

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